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I tried so hard to scroll past this.. I truly tried XD

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When the show was over the whole cast (except for the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen) walked in the stage with glow sticks. The Senshi ran to their respective Shittenou pair. Satomi (Moon) walks up to Jamie (Q.Serenity) and Jamie gives her a hug.

Everything has finally hit Satomi and she ends up crying, Jamie walks Satomi over to Yuuga (Tuxedo Kamen) so Yamato could give her a hug.

Absolutely adorable cast… 

Serenity hugging a reincarnation of her daughter has to be the most adorable things I have seen.


Can we like take the time and talk about how great of a job Yamato Yuuga did as being Tuxedo Kamen? God I am like in love with her, her voice, her look. She is beautiful. In every musical she has every touched was beautiful. I am a big fan of hers. <3 When I heard the musical was going to be a all girl cast I was right on that ship because..Well idk maybe because I like girls or maybe because I knew it was going to be good. Either way I thought Yuuga-Sama did a really good job as Tuxedo Kamen and I hope to see more of her. <3   

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